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Honda Ring Motor. Led by Mr. Crisi Luciano for 40 years, company offers you all its knowledge of Honda.


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We created this site on the most popular and common used CMS-system, WordPress. Built-in “themes” and “plug-in” together with successful architecture allows design projects broad functional complexity.

When we created a site we use a new technology «Panowalks». The techology give some option, which improves virtual tour navigation, inserted into the tour the various elements such as logos, images videos and other. Just when building a website it has been requested multilingual site. We have implemented the project three languages: French and Dutch.
One of the functional characteristics of the project, it was the ability to easily copy content from site.

When creating this site is taken into account the ability to view on different devices both on desktop and mobile. That at this time greatly influences the ranking of links in search engines.

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